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SEO Guide - Free Download for Do-it-Yourself SEO

Search Engine Optimization isn't rocket science like most SEO companies would like you to believe. However, search engine optimization isn't just putting meta tags on your website and thinking you've got the secrets figured out.

I always said if I need my house built, I would hire a contractor, not an accountant. The same holds true for selling cars. I wouldn't hire a web designer to sell cars for me. Why do some car dealerships think they can hire a car salesman to optimize their website?

This section of our site is for the car dealership internet manager or internet "expert" who wants to save the company money and be their internet "Hero". You don't even have to tell anyone where you got this information, rest assured your secret is safe with us!

We realize that some people have the time and energy to learn everything they need to know about search engine optimization. We will help you by providing a "beginner's" guide to SEO so you can at least get the basics setup on your website. Realize that you will need ftp or root access on your server to accomplish some of these strategies. This guide isn't the "miracle" to success for web search results, simply a guide to help you get your basics accomplished using most of the better practices needed for minimal success.

We have compiled links and information available on the web in this Search Engine Optimization eGuide and now you can simply download this guide for FREE!  We hope you find this guide informative and enlightening. Keep in mind that there is much more that you can do to help your website get good search engine optimized results, but at least this is a great place to start. Feel free to download our Search Engine Optimization - Google Basics - eGuide today!

Google Search Engine Optimization SEO eGuide by Web Tech Services


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